For fee info, please get in touch via the “Contact” page and describe your project. It would be helpful if you include as much of the following info as you can:

    1. Is it fiction or nonfiction? What is the genre?
    2. Who is the audience?
    3. What does the work need? That is, are you looking for someone just to tweak out the occasional issue with punctuation and correct typos here and there, or do you see pervasive issues with syntax, usage, and the like? Do you need suggestions involving characterization or story strategy?
    4. Are you self-publishing, or will you submit the book to agents or traditional publishers?
    5. What is the word count? (Many authors talk about the number of pages; word count provides a better idea of the size of the job.)
    6. What is the deadline?
    7. Include a short paragraph, preferably from the work to be edited, that you consider to be a typical representation of your writing skills.

I’ll get back to you within a day.