What You Provide
A manuscript that needs to be edited.
Notes on any areas of concern you may be aware of. For example, “I’m not sure how to use semicolons correctly” or “I tend to write in passive voice too much.” Be sure to mention any unusual stylistic choices or rules you break intentionally. For example, “Yes, eLmer spells his name with a capital L.”

What I Provide
An edited manuscript in the form of a Word file with suggested edits and revisions indicated using the Track Changes feature.
A report outlining any notable issues that recurred throughout the manuscript.

What Happens Then
You’ll review the edited manuscript and either accept or reject each suggested edit. If I’ve offered suggestions for fixing plot holes or improving characterization (or whatever), work on whatever you feel needs work. You may disagree with suggestions, or you may have further questions, in which case I can be available by e-mail.

For a two-round job, send the revised version back, and we’ll start over again.

What the Work Includes
The revised document will show corrections/revisions for issues in the following areas:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar and word usage
  • Wordiness and awkward sentence structure
  • Any other specific areas of concern you may have

I can also include constructive (and tactful) criticism on structural issues, characterization, areas that would benefit from further development, and so on. I can’t offer a discount if you don’t want this, as I don’t consider it an extra charge. I’ll think of this stuff anyway, and in most cases, it’ll take only a few minutes to write suggestions into the report.